About DCDW

DC Design Week (DCDW) is an annual celebration of DC’s creative community: an ever-growing body of professionals, makers, and voices working across disciplines. We aspire to foster conversations that will challenge, excite, and promote change. This year, we’re shifting our focus to feature events curated and hosted by our community. Local makers can expect our vision for the future to be pluralistic and our art and design practices to contain a multitude of perspectives and experiences.

Collage made up of a yellow abstract shape, and transparent tape flanking a photograph of a blurred Metro train in motion.
Collage made up of yellow and red abstract shapes, transparent tape and a sticker that says 2019, flanking a black abstract shape with the Ghost Note Agency logo.

Ghost Note Agency

Ghost Note is a creative agency born + based in the District of Columbia. We believe that when good people come together they create truly great things.

Ghostnote's Website

Sponsors and Partners

DC Design Week is 100% volunteer-run, and it wouldn’t be the same without our partners and sponsors. We’re looking for sponsors who can help ensure every event is as accessible and inclusive as possible. If you’re interested in partnering with DC Design Week this year, let us know. For this year’s sponsorship levels, we chose to pay tribute to some of DC’s most famous artists.

Chita Rivera

Cool "Disco" Dan

Duke Ellington

Chuck Brown

DCDW 2021 Committee

DC Design Week is planned by a committee of volunteers who help plan each event, do all the outreach, and more. We’re so grateful for their contributions.


Marcus Relacion is a designer, developer, and photographer in the DMV area. Thank you for helping us feature DC through your lens and capturing hyperlocal in such vivid and impactful moments.

Collage made up of red abstract shapes, a sticker with a photograph of Marcus Relacion, photograph of MLK monument in DC, photograph of people getting off a Metro train, and a photograph of two men standing in a Metro train doorway.
Collage made of transparent tape and a yellow abstract shape with a red sticker that says DC DESIGN WEEK flanking a photograph of a hand holding a sign.


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